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Rural organisations are ideally suited to kick starting a career and a future. Those with specialist jobs in the country invariably develop a much wider skill base than their counterparts in the city. This gives country people a much broader range of experience and responsibility, and enables them to climb their career ladder at a much earlier age and faster rate.

The State Government provides grants of up to $2,500 to encourage students in tertiary education to work during their holidays for country businesses. This provides many benefits to students and businesses in Buloke and offers a career start for young people who often do not consider professional opportunities in the country.

There are a wide variety of job opportunities in Buloke, ranging from traditional roles such as labourers through to professionals in almost every field.

Employment is available to the following people: labourers, agricultural advisers and consultants, business managers, transport operators and drivers, civil engineers, human resources managers, finance experts, doctors, nurses, miners, retailers, hospitality workers and managers and all types of tradesmen.

What sort of work do people do in Buloke Shire?

Employment type Number %
Managers 1,020 36
Professionals 357 12.6
Technicians and Trades Workers 307 10.8
Community and Personal Service Workers 171 6
Clerical and Administrative Workers 220 7.8
Sales Workers 177 6.2
Machinery Operators and Drivers 196 6.9
Labourers 334 11.8
Inadequately described or Not stated 53 1.9
TOTAL 2,835  100%

An analysis of the jobs held in Buloke Shire in 2006 shows 65.4% of employed persons working in Buloke worked in highly skilled occupations compared with the Victorian State average of 56.3%.

The three most popular industry sectors were:

  • Agriculture, Forestry & Fishing – 33.3%
  • Health Care and Social Assistance – 11.1%
  • Retail Trade – 8.7%

Grow Your Family with Great Schools

John Richmond

John Richmond is Principal of the Birchip P–12 School in the Buloke Shire. He grew up on a farm near Watchem in the Buloke Shire, just down the road, and completed his teacher training at the University of Melbourne. John is committed to the achievement of good outcomes for all students and believes that a caring and nurturing environment extends beyond the school grounds to the wider community (In 2018 John has been seconded as acting principal at the Warrackanabeal high school).

John explains his belief in the role of the school in the following words: “Birchip P-12 School in the Buloke Shire, has an excellent record of supplying tailor-made courses to our students. Our VCE results are excellent, which perhaps suggests that our goals are purely academic. However, that is not the case. We offer VCAL, VET and Australian School Based Apprenticeships. Some of our students graduate with three certificates and others two. We deliver, onsite, Certificate II (Hospitality) and Certificate II (Engineering) to an increasing number of students in the later years. We also deliver various VCE subjects to other schools within the Wimmera/Mallee, including Chemistry, Accounting, Japanese and Health & Human Development.”

“Our staff operates in an encouraging and open workplace. Opportunities to gain promotion or special payments often become available and are accessible to younger teachers. We currently have a young teacher taking on a leading teacher’s role. Most first and second year teachers will teach VCE units from the beginning: they do not have to earn the right or wait for the incumbent to move on.”

“Our school has an excellent mentoring program, in which scheduled meetings are held to help with the integration of new staff into the school. Students are guided and counselled in both academic and personal matters.”

“Although our town is small, we are seen as ‘go-ahead’ and progressive. We have many young tertiary- educated people living and working in our town in jobs with Birchip Cropping Group, Buloke Shire Council, East Wimmera Health Service and Grampians Wimmera Mallee Water. Birchip is a friendly country town with excellent sporting facilities and access to numerous sports: football, tennis, hockey, netball and squash are played throughout the year. Classes are run in aerobics, circuit gym, yoga and dance, to name a few, and in previous years the town has put on a play during the year.”

Tyrrell College:

Tyrrell College enjoys the luxury of a safe, friendly country environment combined with an innovative approach to education that has been recognised through an NAB Schools First National Award.

Clustering with other Mallee schools provides the college with increased access to library, technical and teacher resources. Interactive distance education links are used to maintain a breadth of curriculum at VCE. VCAL, VETIS and new apprenticeship schemes with the Mallee Vocational Consortium also reflect this enhanced program.

Students participate in an extensive range of cultural, academic and sporting activities, including visiting performances, drama workshops, college productions, camps and excursions, public speaking and inter-college sports.

The College is complemented by the adjoining community centre that caters for a variety of sporting and cultural activities. We have extensive computer facilities available for staff and student use, as well as well-resourced technology and music centres, a comprehensive community library and the ‘Tyrrell On-Line Learning Centre’.

We encourage and welcome parents to participate in all college activities, becoming partners with teachers in developing positive educational outcomes for their children. We aim to provide students with the opportunity to become independent, caring and community-minded citizens.

Good results:

In 2011, 84.5% of school leavers in this area were in further study or training i.e TAFE, apprenticeships. This figure is the highest result for any rural LLEN in the state and the fourth highest percentage in the state. In the case of Charlton P12 College 2010 in the Buloke Shire has continued to see excellent VCE results. 2010 continued a four year cycle of VCE study scores being higher than state averages, while 100% of students attempting the VCE completed it.

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