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There are many business opportunities in Buloke. Several businesses that began in Buloke as small family-run concerns are now turning over tens of millions of dollars annually. Some of these are employing a large workforce and operating branches in other areas, including major regional centres. There is plenty of room to grow your business in Buloke.

New business models are being exploited to take advantage of the large customer base opened up by the quality of the Internet services available in Buloke. Buloke has relatively low capital requirements for storage. This, together with good internet access, provides a market advantage that will assist in growing internet businesses in the future.

Key Business Sectors


Agriculture is Buloke’s largest business sector and employment is growing as corporate farms become more common. Growth in corporate farming also brings with it opportunities for farm support personnel such as contractors and professional advisers.

Other key sectors

Approximately 400 non-farming businesses operate across Buloke. These include:


The major retail and wholesale sub-sectors in the Shire are;

  • food retailing (133 jobs)
  • motor vehicle retailing and services (92 jobs)
  • personal and household goods retailing (88 jobs).


Two major highways run though Buloke which is situated mid-way between Melbourne and Mildura. The growing numbers of visitors to the shire means that hospitality and tourism are becoming increasingly important contributors to the local economy.

Food Processing

Buloke Shire is well-positioned to attract more food-processing investment to complement existing businesses that link with the local agricultural supply base. This could include;

  • meat and poultry
  • bakery and confectionery cereals and snack foods
  • spreads, sauces and condiments

Mechanical and Engineering

Locally based businesses provide services to farming operations, civil engineering and local government.

Building Trades

New building, renovations and major building projects are providing real opportunities for all building trades. Building contractors based in Buloke are attracting work from all over Victoria.


The number of business professionals is increasing, particularly as the agricultural sector expands. Good Internet access, combined with new and better technology, is opening up further opportunities for the establishment of professional businesses in Buloke.

Up front with O’Connors Case IH

CaseIHO’Connors Case IH operates six farm machinery dealerships across three states. The first dealership, which was established in Birchip, Buloke Shire, continues to employ a large staff. Some are locals and some have made the move to Birchip to take up the employment opportunity. The careers offered at O’Connors range from administration, marketing and HR, as well as technical services. Personnel include qualified technicians, apprentices, spare parts specialists, sales staff and experts trained in the latest precision farming technology. Such is the success of the company that a new, state-of-the-art dealership has been built in Birchip, in the Buloke Shire. Dennis O’Connor, who was the main driving force in the establishment of the organisation said the company has a clear vision of its role: “A lot of people don’t realise that farming is actually one of the most technologically advanced industries around. We pride ourselves on employing efficient and qualified staff, keeping at the leading edge of this technology to deliver our customers improved efficiency.” Across the six dealerships (the others are in Warracknabeal, Horsham, Shepparton, Corowa and Bordertown) O’Connors employs 110 staff. Some staff have even made the move from overseas to take up employment opportunities with the company and are now enjoying the Australian country lifestyle in the Buloke Shire with their families.

O'Connors purchased another Case dealer Network in NSW in 2018 and is now has the largest Case IH dealer network in Australia.  Not bad from humble beginings in Birchip, a small country town in the Buloke Shire...

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Getting around Buloke

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