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History of Nullawil

Nullawil is a small and attractive rural town of tree-lined streets, situated on the Calder Highway. The township and immediate surrounds has a population of around 100 people and it is located 245 km north-west of Melbourne via the Calder Highway and is 118m above sea-level.

The Nullawil community is keenly aware of its history and farming heritage. This is celebrated at the historical precinct that holds pride of place on the edge of town.

Historically, the district now known as Nullawil was made up of the parishes of Nullawil and Kalpienung. The present township is situated on the boundary line of the early Knighton and Lansdown runs.

The origin of the name “Nullawil” appears to be from “Nulla” (a killing stick) and “Wil” from “Willock” (meaning galahs which were apparently plentiful at the time of early European settlement).

Little is known of the original inhabitants of the area, thought to be the Jupagalk people. Evidence of Aboriginal ovens, canoe trees and implements have been found in the area around the Tyrrell creek.

The first land leases, being mainly blocks of 500-600 acres were issued in 1891 for an annual rent of two pounds. Settlers were required to destroy all vermin including dingoes, rabbits, foxes and sparrows on their lease within 3 years and thereafter keep the blocks vermin free.

The 500-600 acres of bush were leased for 2 pounds per year.

The blocks were predominantly covered with dense mallee scrub with pine covered ridges and clumps of wattle, cassias, emu and hop bush with some quandong and buloak trees.

Today, enormous grain facilities denote the main local industry. Grain production and freight is the predominant economic driver of Nullawil.

The Nullawil general store, café, garage and rural supply depot are all well supported by the locals.

The Nullawil Community Complex is the town’s sporting and social hub.

“Nully” is well served in the sports arena with players coming home regularly from as far away as Melbourne to play for the various squads.

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